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June 16, 2017

Heres’ a photo journey through one of KindWorks‘ apartment set ups – an amazing coming together of community to set up homes for families who’ve had to flee their own.

Each item we place has a story behind it, a childhood memory or a treasured sentiment. Sue donated the bed she slept in as a child to one of the first apartments we set up; a 3 year old Afghani girl sleeps in it now. “My parents lived in Afghanistan,” she told me, “they would have wanted this.”  Sue’s father passed away recently, and she’s been going through the house selecting pieces to share. Their Scandinavian style sofa is in the home of a Congolese family. She remembers her father reading to her then three year old daughter on that sofa; grandchild with sippy cup on one side, the family black lab on the other – and wonders what new stories will be shared and made on her dad’s beloved sofa.


Join us at www.kind-works.org and please support our efforts to furnish more and more apartments for refugees by donating here.

Photos: Saanya Ali




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