Telling Your Story

We have been telling stories for thousands of years, as a form of entertainment, to record history, share wisdom, motivate and inspire. While each of us is mortal, our stories endure.

Stories have tremendous power. Effective storytelling can create a strong and lasting impact. For individuals, our stories are who we are, they are what makes us unique. For nonprofits and businesses, stories reveal why we do what we do and the impact our organization has on real people.

I help people and organizations unearth their stories, hone and refine them, write and share them, and make sure they are communicated effectively – by delving deeper, listening closely, identifying the emotion and the inspiration, and chronicling with care.

Here are some starting points in thinking about your own story, and ways in which I can help. It would be my privilege to help you to tell your story.

Write Your
Personal Story


Stories provide sustenance to our families, teach our history, reveal what’s important to us, share our life’s lessons, protect our traditions, and cradle our legacy. They are the ultimate gift, to ourselves, our families, our future. What aspect of your life story would you like to capture; is there a life experience that you would like preserved? How would you like to be remembered? Allow me the privilege of interviewing you and helping you find your ‘voice’ and capturing the essence of your life story.

Uncover the Story of your Nonprofit, Cause, or Business


Stories help us feel more emotionally connected to an organization’s mission; they help build a connection and a trust, that statistics can never achieve. What is the ‘origin story’ of your organization/brand/business? What motivates you to do what you do, who does it benefit, why should we care? How are you making a difference and why is your work important. Allow me to unearth or hone your organization’s story, capture it in words, emotions, and images, and present it for greatest impact.

Share Your Story for
and Action 


Your story has the potential to change the world, if it is amplified and shared effectively. Allow me to help you reach key audiences through a variety of contacts in the government, nonprofit sector, media, national and international organizations, and people in a variety of fields. I organize meet and greets, public events, school and university talks; arrange meetings and networking opportunities; set up media interviews and write articles; and identify and liaise with organizations to develop partnerships.



“You’re not only a storyteller but an exceptionally soulful storyteller. You tell stories but also listen to the stories and hear what they have to say to you— and in turn the reader. Your professional and creative lives seem to have unfolded in much the same way: one step leading organically to the other, thanks to your open mind, eyes, and heart. I’m very impressed with your website and your growing body of work. Good luck with your very rich calling!”


Bill O’Sullivan, Senior Managing Editor,


Salma has been absolutely instrumental in telling Popinjay’s story and helping us amplify our brand message. She made me realize the critical importance of storytelling, and helped me articulate it in a way that truly engages our audience. She also played a major role in giving us bigger platforms to tell our story by helping me connect with movers and shakers in the media and fashion world. Sometimes your own story is the hardest to tell because you are closest to it – Salma helps you identify what is unique and why people will care about it. Her earnestness and curiosity makes you feel that your story is the most important one for the world to hear. This level of engagement and personalization is rare among consultants. Salma is truly one of a kind.

Saba Gul, Founder and CEO,popinjay


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Salma over the last year. The genuine connection she’s built, the passion she’s exhibited, and the continued enthusiasm and ideas she has generated for my organization, World Without Hate, has been invaluable. Salma doesn’t simply create a working relationship with the causes and people she cares deeply about, she quickly and seamlessly builds a trusting, engaging and joyful friendship. We’ve only known one another for a year and yet Salma has become a forever friend, supporter, consultant, and most importantly, an incredibly compelling and caring storyteller for World Without Hate. Over the last year, Salma has hosted and organized engaging and participatory events, meetings, talks, and media opportunities, providing a platform for me to share my story with new audiences in a new community. She has continued to make vital connections with the non-profit, philanthropic, government and media sectors in the D.C. area. Many of the people and organizations she has introduced me to have grown into lasting relationships, ongoing support and additional leads and connections for partnership and collaboration. I wish her all the best with her new endeavor, which I know will continue to ensure sustainability, success, and growth for individuals and organizations committed to making a change in the world.

wwhlogoRais Bhuiyan, Founder and Executive Director,
World Without Hate


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