Tambor (3 of 3)

June 9, 2017

Mohammad desires three things: a good school for his children; an opportunity to do the work he loves in interior decoration; and the chance to play the tambor again; if he could add a fourth, it would be to go fishing.

My friend Kim, on a recent trip to Athens, saw a tambor in a shop window. She gifted it to Mohammad, granting one of his wishes. When we went to visit Mohammad and his family in their small, shared apartment in Athens, he played it for us and sang a love song to his wife Manal, who sang along too.

Mohammad’s second wish is in the works. When we met them, he and his family had been approved to go to Germany; there his kids will have a chance to go to a good school.

I messaged Mohammad this week to see how he’s doing. He’s in Germany now, at a camp, and sent photographs of Manal and the kids. Hopefully soon they’ll move into their apartment. No doubt he’ll decorate it beautifully; and then his neighbors will ask for his decoration services too.

Then, maybe he’ll go fishing 🙂


Photo: Saanya Ali

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