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June 1, 2017

Athens, Greece

After spending a few days with Fahim, seeing his caring ways towards the kids and his charming disposition, I wanted to ask him what was really on my mind: doesn’t he ever think that this is utterly unfair; that one day he’s living at home with his family, doing what he loves, getting attention as a soccer personality – and now he’s alone, living in a box, trying to figure out how, when, or if he is ever going to get out. His response was true to his character, albeit unsatisfying: “This is life,” he said.

It’s the thought of reuniting with his mother that gives him hope, or in his words, power. “When I hear my mother saying my name, it gives me power. When I talk to her on the phone, she give me power; she tells me, ‘ok, my son, don’t worry about nothing, you will be here InshAllah. Don’t feel alone, I’m always with you’.”









(5 of 6)

Photo: Saanya Ali

To support the immediate needs of refugees on the ground, please donate through the Multicultural Institute through this link, and funds will go to helping refugees in Skaramangas and other camps; indicate “Greece/refugees” in the designation section. http://mionline.org/donate/

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