Peace, please (6.5 of 6)

June 3, 2017

I was in touch with Fahim today to find out how he’s doing; he’s so thankful for everyone’s good wishes and prayers from this story. After getting the news in January that his reunification application had been approved, in late April he found out that he’d been accepted by Germany. He’s now waiting for the actual travel date and documents. Things move slowly. He’s hoping by July.

He says the hardest part will be once he gets to Germany. He still needs to pass interviews in Germany before the authorities make the final approvals. He then needs to find a new apartment where he can live with his mom, and a job to pay for it. “It will be hard but I’m ready to build a future there,” he said on Facebook messenger just now.

“My mother is fine, she is waiting to see me so much, she always cries when I call her,” he said. “Now we are both worried about my family in Afghanistan, because of the explosions in Kabul.”

Here’s his Ramadan message to the world: “I wish we could spend this Ramadan peacefully, no matter where we are. We should celebrate this month with good feelings and without fighting and killing.”


Photo: Saanya Ali

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  • Reply Annette June 3, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Salma, doesn’t the Quran have a special quote about mothers? This son sure does love his mom! I hope they are reunited soon

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