My country is your country

June 18, 2017

KindWorks hosted a welcome dinner for refugee families a few months ago; it was part of a nationwide effort called Refugees Welcome ❤️ . We invited eight families from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ethiopia; organized for Syrian refugees to cater the dinner through Mozaic; and collected clothes, toiletries, household supplies and toys to share. The response from the community was overwhelming, and our new friends felt the love. even made a video about it.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the afternoon was a card that two young girls drew together. On pink construction paper, a young girl from Syria drew a picture of a girl. A girl sitting beside her, who had brought a backpack of toys to share with her new friends, wrote this message on the inside, “My country is your country” and “Welcome”. She then asked her new friend’s father to write the message in Arabic.


This is how we learn to live together. From two young girls drawing together on pink construction paper.

Join us at and please donate to our refugee support efforts here.






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