KindSoup for the Soul

November 23, 2020
On Saturday, we gathered in our kitchens via zoom for our first ‘KindSoup for the Soul’. The soup of the day was butternut squash and sweet potato with a squirt of lime and chopped coriander to taste. We diced and sautéed, laughed and connected – and made dozens of overflowing pots of golden orange soup. The idea is to make enough for our families, and to have plenty to share with neighbors, friends, people in need. Nothing quite lifts spirits, especially as cold and dark days arrive, than a homemade bowl of warmth, made with love. Some dropped off their soup at the local shelter, others froze it to take this week to a consolidation hub providing meals for families newly afflicted with Covid19. One participant took her containers to an elderly woman who she would bring food to weekly through the ‘Meals on Wheels’ program; now she calls her to chat to keep her company. Dominique, who lead our soup making, took hers to a new mom who could definitely use some nourishment. I shared mine with a new friend from Afghanistan – and with the postman, who was happily surprised; his smile made my day. What a simple, delicious way to express kindness. We can all do this in our own communities, anywhere in the world. If you’d like to join us, we’ll be making soup every Saturday, 5-6pm EST. Next Saturday, Nov 28th, my daughter Saanya will be leading the effort, and we’ll make one of her favs – cozy autumn wild rice soup. (The recipe, ingredient list and and zoom link are on our website: Join us, for some KindSoup for the Soul. And please share these KINDdemic posts so we can make this go viral, too!

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