Alhumdulillah (6 of 6)

May 30, 2017

Raghad is developing the idea of Mozaic Kitchen, an opportunity for refugees to earn money by preparing and selling their specialty dishes at bazaars and through catering. At one such pre-Ramadan bazaar at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) in Sterling, VA, tables were laden with all kinds of baklava, falafel and shwarma sandwiches, rice dishes with chicken and almonds, and jars of cheeses and grape leaves. Raghad provided many of the curios that were available for sale, even making some of the items herself, like the necklaces and small pouches of olive soap. She was on the move for several hours, making price labels for the food and answering questions from volunteers. She confided that her knees and back were paining her; I kept asking her to sit for a few minutes, following her around with a folding chair. She would sit for a moment, and then be up again greeting another guest with a warm hug.

“My problem is I work fast, everything is fast, fast; even I walk fast. So I told my husband, I have to train myself to walk slowly. It takes a lot of effort,” Raghad says laughing.

There is little chance that she is going to slow down any time soon. Alhumdulillah for all those in need.

(6 0f 6)

Photo: George Kolotov

Please support Raghad’s efforts to care for the needs of refugee families by donating to Mozaic:

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